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  Board of Directors Board Committees
Mr. Bhupinder Singh Jauhar

Mr. Randeep Singh Jauhar
Vice Chairman & Executive Director

Mr. Pradeep Singh Jauhar
Managing Director & CEO

Mr. J.K. Jain

Mr. U.K. Singhal

Mr. Shashi Bansal

Mr. Rakesh Kalra

Ms. Taru Bahl

Mr. SPS Kohli
Executive Director

Audit Committee

  1. Mr. Shashi Bansal                  Chairman
  2. Mr.J. K. Jain                             Member
  3. Mr.U. K. Singhal                     Member

Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee

  1. Mr.U. K. Singhal                    Chairman
  2. Mr.R. S. Jauhar                       Member
  3. Mr.SPS Kohli                           Member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

  1. Mr. Shashi Bansal                 Chairman
  2. Mr.J. K. Jain                            Member
  3. Mr.U. K. Singhal                    Member 

Compensation Committee (ESOP)

  1. Mr.U. K. Singhal                  Chairman
  2. Mr.J. K. Jain                           Member
  3. Mr. Shashi Bansal               Member
  4. Mr. R. S. Jauhar                    Member

Borrowing Investment and Administrative Committee

  1. Mr.U. K. Singhal                   Chairman
  2. Mr.R. S. Jauhar                      Member
  3. Mr.SPS Kohli                          Member

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

  1. Mr.Shashi Bansal                 Chairman
  2. Mr.R. S. Jauhar                      Member
  3. Mr.SPS Kohli                          Member

Risk Management Committee

  1. Mr.U. K. Singhal                   Chairman
  2. Mr.Shashi Bansal                 Member
  3. Mr.P. S. Jauhar                      Member
  4. Mr.Bhupesh Mehta             Member


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