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JAI Trailer
Mechanical Suspension

Trailers are sturdy vehicles that are used for carrying goods, materials, motor vehicles etc. Vehicles of these magnitude require robust parts and equipment to help perform their functions efficiently. Among these is the trailer mechanical suspension which is a vital part of trailers. JAI brings you trailer mechanical suspensions that are robust, lightweight and economical. Our trailer mechanical suspensions are made from high-strength steel and good-quality materials by using advance manufacturing processes, have a long life span and require minimal maintenance.


Long Lasting & Low Maintenance
Better Ride Comfort
Totes Heavy Loads
Enhanced Fuel efficiency
Prolonged Tyre Life
Light Weight


Trailer Mechanical Suspension

With Parabolic Spring

Trailer Mechanical Suspension

With Lift Axle Module

Trailer Mechanical Suspension

With Conventional Spring

Trailer Mechanical
Suspension With
Parabolic spring

JAI has launched a mechanical suspension with Parabolic Leaf Spring. In addition to providing a longer life and enhanced comfort level while driving , this new technology reduces the weight of leaf spring by 20 to 30 percent for same capacity as conventional leaf. Currently, Parabolic leaf spring is used in the truck Front axle and Bogie- Suspension. JAI has automated Parabolic rolling & Stress shot peening (line ) for Parabolic leaf spring. At present, we manufacture 13 ton & 16 ton capacity of mechanical suspension with conventional leaf spring in Mono, Twin & Tridem variants.


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