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Air Spring

Air Spring is made up of rubber & fabric flexible membrane which contains a column of compressed air. Air Spring supports to load & provide cushioning effect and comfort to passengers.


Superior Rubber Chemistry
Exceptional ozone resistance resulting in less flex-cracking
Longer service life
Extra-tight cord for exceptional wall and internal splice strength
Tested at ARAI & In-house Test rigs at worst operating level of vehicles


Bolt with nut is a very important component in the Leaf spring assembly. Leafs are the basic and structural support of a leaf Spring Assembly which are held together by a Bolt with nut. Each leaf consists of a Center hole and Centre Bolt passes & is bolted through this. And It holds the leafs together and prevents them from misalignment


Designed to separate air and oil so shock absorber functions properly in a horizontal position
Rubber boot on inside of coils prevents dirt and debris from damaging the chrome shaft


A Bush is designed to meet exceptional ride quality, is easy to install and has a great life span. A bush is used between linkages to absorb torsional load and avoid wear and tear between mating parts.


Made of PU material having excellent abrasion resistance with high load-bearing capacity
High wear and tear-resistant and Point 5 - Corrosion resistant
High durability
Longer functional life
Corrosion resistance
Maintenance & Lubrication free

Wear Washer

Wear Washers are made & used to avoid metal to metal contact of suspension arm & mounting brackets. that it does not damage the arm during dynamic load.


Low friction & Corrosion resistance
Highly wear resistant
Ability to function at high temperature ranges with high load-carrying capability

Male Elbow

Male elbow is used for pneumatic connection of air spring to hose pipe , which is developed to withstand high pressure and provide easy and leak proof assembly.


Suitable for both Nylon and PU tubing
Easy and quick push in connection of tube
Teflon pre coated male taper threads
Maintenance free and long life
The fitment and function of tubes are not affected by vibrations due to positive gripping of the tube by the collet


Varieties of bolts are manufactured with high strength grade Steel and provide high torque carrying capacity, to withstand vibration and load without loosening.


Precisely designed
Fine threaded
Heat Treated
High tensile strength Robustness
Consistent coating for enhanced torque-clamp behaviour
Two times the salt spray life as compared to Traditional Bolts

Castle Nut

Castle nut with high torque carrying capacity provides an external locking feature with the help of split pin, which completely locks the rotation and prevents loosening.


Excellent performance
Economical Design with locking feature
Easy installation

Cleveloc Nut

Cleveloc Nuts have a permanent self-locking action which effectively withstands shock, vibrations, and repeated load reversals.


Superior Locking
Uniform Performance
High Temperature Application

Inner Metal Sleeve

Inner metal sleeve provides firm clamping of the bolt with metal mating part to avoid loosening of the bolt and prevents wearing of bushes.


Heat Treated
High tensile strength Robustness
Consistent coating ensures enhanced torque-clamp behaviour
Two times the salt spray life as compared to Traditional Metal sleeves

Rubber Bush

Rubber bush bonded with nylon sleeve provides excellent performance in torsional and radial load transmission with high serviceable life span


Uniform Performance
High Temperature Application

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