About JAI Z-Spring

A Parabolic Z-Spring suspension system is composed of components that are designed, created and assembled together in a manner that every component works together to soften the effects of rough road conditions, improve the comfort of the ride and protect other parts of the vehicle by absorbing and reducing the shocks and vibrations. This improved driving condition makes vehicle handling easier which ultimately improves safety. The right suspension system also allows a vehicle to stay grounded which further improves handling and safety.


Stress-Shot Peened In Controlled Manner to Improve Overall Fatigue Life
Raw Material Grade Used For Manufacturing Z-Spring Is 50CrV4/51CrMoV4 Which Has Higher Strength As Compared To 65Si7/SUP11
It Supports The Weight Of The Chassis, Making Them Ideal For Commercial Vehicles
It is used for large vehicles and those that are intended to carry heavy loadss
It ensures a smooth ride
It has the strength and durability to withstand heavy loads with comforte
It controls axle damping
It ensures maximum safety

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