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The greatest challenge awaits, and we invite the brightest minds in the field. The biggest challenge is to "beat your own record" and build a career around doing what you genuinely love. We welcome the brightest brains in the business to take on this challenge. We value diversity; as a result, we employ people from diverse backgrounds and foster a wonderful fusion of energies that provides the ideal framework for maximizing group intelligence.

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JAI is committed to providing emerging talent a solid foundation and a vibrant work environment by encouraging them to acquire new skills and climb the professional ladder of growth. JAI strives to create a supportive work environment that encourages its employees to make a difference, have an impact, be their best selves, and build a better company and a better world of opportunity and growth.

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For its professional workforce, JAI provides a competitive and creative work environment. The company encourages professionals and empowers them to make a real impact in the space they work. At JAI, you'll be working with some of the finest brains in the auto industry. We provide challenging and purposeful opportunities that accelerate your readiness to take on business leadership roles. Let's join hands to grow together.

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Talent Development

We encourage our employees to learn and evolve continually. Our people development efforts are driven by Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Program and Leadership development Program, Talent Pool development, JME (Jamna Manufacturing Engineers) development, on job trainings, Job rotations, TPM trainings etc.

The Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) program is a dedicated one year development program for new graduates where each fresher is attached to a senior professional who mentors them in their yearlong development journey which includes different projects with an emphasis on their overall development. A specified career path for GET is defined with multi department and multi-plant exposures.

Leadership development programs focus on succession development for moving up the ladder and taking on more critical roles. Identified potential leaders are assigned to an External Mentor for a year-long development journey where specific action learning projects and training and exposures are worked on.

The JME (Jamna Manufacturing Engineers) is a programme for Diploma holders, who are trained for 30 days exclusively in theory and practice to reach a predetermined skill level before beginning work. All JMEs are sponsored to enroll in a Graduation degree programme, allowing them to take on challenging roles in the future.