Our R&D

JAI is dedicated towards introducing

and bringing the latest & advanced

suspensions technology.

Since its inception in 1954, Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. (JAI) has been committed to providing high-quality products to its customers. JAI has been able to offer its customers the best services and products by constantly updating its technology and staying abreast of new changes in the market. In addition, this has allowed JAI to significantly grow its clientele. R&D founded and started its activities from 1990 onwards.

The plant is certified from "The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)"

Our Achievements

First to Introduce Parabolic Springs for Indian Roads.

First to Start Leaf Spring Design Centre in India.

In House R&D Centre capable to design Multi, Parabolic Leaf Springs, Lift Axle and Air Suspension for all automobile applications.


Our experienced and well trained design team has the capability to design Multi and Parabolic leaf springs for any vehicle type and application.

Each design undergoes a full design verification and validation cycle, which includes FEA studies, strain measurement, and simulation on a test rig using Servo Actuators.

Each design and sample is subjected to rigorous quality and safety tests before being released for commercial use. External leading testing houses validate these tests as well.

JAI has successfully designed and manufactured springs for Ford Transit in Europe and General Motors Hummer in the United States of America..

R&D at JAI evaluates every design and specification laid down by OEMs. Before moving further to the stages of pre-launch and regular production.

JAI believes in enhancing the knowledge base by participating in various world level conferences and seminars and publishing research papers.

Patent & Trademark

JAI got registration of its Trademark "JAI" in USA and obtained copyrights for 30 new designs of leaf springs and parabolic springs. Trademark "JAI" is now registered in 15 countries across the world. The Company currently holds the copyrights to approximately 120 leaf and parabolic springs' designs and a patent for "Air Suspension System."