Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Mr. Randeep Singh Jauhar

"JAI Group has been a pioneer in setting benchmarks since the early 1954's towards collaboration with global partners, bringing in new first of its kind technologies, introducing customized products and solutions for customers and even diversifying into new business areas.

We are continuing to sustain a strong foothold in the aftermarket by selling directly to retail, establishing an efficient supply chain and widening our network to cover every nook and corner of India

Owing to our strong commitment towards improving the social, environmental and economic well-being of surrounding communities, we are actively involved in creating clean and green environment, quality education and empowering youths and women to bring a positive and impactful change in the society

As a group, we have been adopting blue ocean strategy to establish ourselves ahead on the learning curve in various domains globally. With our unmitigated dedication towards excellence and innovation, the diversified portfolio of JAI Group has been constantly enriching our customers' businesses offering numerous products, services & innovative solutions.

Inspite of all the challenges, we have deeply admired the perseverance of our extraordinary colleagues at JAI, who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, commitment and professionalism and managing to keep the business afloat.