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U Bolt

U-bolt is primarily used to clamp the leaf spring assembly with the vehicle's axle & it plays a very crucial role by providing clamping force to hold the assembly & axle together. It also provides an evenly distributed pressure to protect from premature spring failure and unwanted movement.


High Strength and long life
Uniform threading for better fitment
Quality controlled process for best fitment
Corrosive resistant surface coating

With Nut

Bolt with nut is a very important component in the Leaf spring assembly. Leafs are the basic and structural support of a leaf Spring Assembly which are held together by a Bolt with nut. Each leaf consists of a Center hole and Centre Bolt passes & is bolted through this. And It holds the leafs together and prevents them from misalignment


Induction heated head forming
Uniform threading for better engagement
Anti Rust surface coating
Quality controlled process for best fitment

Spring Pin

Spring pin is used to retain a shaft as a journal, and act as mechanical fastener that secures the position with leaf spring & Bracket /Shackle relative to each other. The spring action of the pin allows it to compress as it assumes the diameter of the hole and force exerted by the pin against the hole wall retains it in the hole, therefore it is also considered a self-retaining fastener.


CNC machined to provide best fitment
Proper grooving for excellent lubrication
Induction Hardened for enhanced life
Surface hardened : 55-60 HRC
High temperature resistance
Controlled processes for quality assurance
Surface hardened : 55-60 HRC


Bush is an independent plain bearing which is inserted into the Eye or Shackle of Leaf spring to provide its bearing surface for rotary applications and helps to reduce friction between moving parts. After in this sliding surfaces are cylindrical and performs relative angular motion of rotating Spring Pin in the hole.


High compressive strength and excellent malleability
AB2 material for shock resistant and high load bearing capacity
SPM machined grooving for excellent lubrication and long life
Standard dimensions for best fitment
Abrasive wear, friction & corrosion resistant

Hanger Shackle

Shackle Bracket is part of leaf spring assembly, which accommodates leaf deformation, i.e. when subjected to operational load it's allow leaf spring's length changes during suspension articulation. It is an integral component of the suspension system that attaches between leaf spring and vehicle frame. It helps you get the stability under dynamic condition as well. They act as a part which holds the hanger & spring assembly together.


Hanger & Shackles are manufactured in accordance to OE Standard SGI 500/7
Chemical composition C-3.2~3.4%, Mn 0.2~0.8, Si- 1.8 to 2.4, Mg 0.03~0.05%, S- 0.015Max
Hardness 170~240 BHN
Tensile Strength- 500 Min, Proof stress- 320 Mn, Elongation% - Upto 7%
CNC machined as per OEM Standard.
Anti-Rust Surface Coating
Surface hardened : 55-60 HRC

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